Lace Chalcedony Vitality Bracelet

  • $28.99

A combination of Blue Lace Chalcedony, Lava Stone, and Rose Gold Rhinestones on a single wrap bracelet.

Each bracelet in our "Vitality" Collection contains 2 natural gemstones.  The Life Energy they provide can be very powerful!  Which Stones will you choose to harness your Life Energy?


(This listing is for one bracelet in the first picture, the last picture is to show the style of bracelet on someone's wrist)


Blue Lace Chalcedony, Lava Stone, Rhinestones, as well as wire


Each Bead is approx 6-8mm (see model for example of sizing) Bracelet is one size fits most. If you have a larger wrist the bracelet may wrap around two times instead of three.


Processing and manufacturing time is 1-3 days

Shipping time is 2-5 business days

Up to 30 days shipping time for international orders (but typically sooner)

Priority mail upgrade available for US orders at checkout (does not rush processing time)