Beige Beauty Celebration Queen Bracelet

  • $26.99

A combination of Beige Quartz and Clear Point double terminated and Golden Shadow Swarovski Crystals and Rose Gold Hematite on a single wrap bracelet. The bracelet is completely covered with Silver Seed Beads, leaving no exposed metal. This bracelet is also Nickel-free and Stainless steel.

Celebrate yourself in all of your AMAZINGNESS with a bracelet wrapped in genuine Swarovski Crystals. 

This Collection is truly fit for a Queen!  Every bracelet includes more beads, more crystals and a larger sized bracelet, a bangle size to accommodate every Queen and every size!  


Swarovski Crystals, Quartz, Hematite, as well as wire


Each Swarovski Crystal is approx 6-10mm (see model for example of sizing)

Bracelet is for a larger wrist size or as a bangle size fit for a smaller wrist. 


Processing and manufacturing time is 1-3 days

Shipping time is 2-5 business days

Up to 30 days shipping time for international orders (but typically sooner)

Priority mail upgrade available for US orders at checkout (does not rush processing time)