Meet The Faces Behind Each Collection!

    The "Eleanor's Inspirations" Collection is comprised of our original wrap bracelets!  These were inspired by the memory of crafting with my Grandmother and the Inspiration that drives me every day, from my oldest, beautiful daughter Eleanor (after my grandmother) 

    The "Claire Grace" Collection is a line inspired by my little free spirit middle child!  She is definitely Mommy's wild child!  Her love for the outdoors and boho chic themed style inspired our macrame boho styled bracelets with of course the beautiful rhinestone and Crystal accents!  

    The "Hannah Sophia" Collection is a line of teething necklaces which the need for was inspired by my youngest daughter who is currently 10 months old and teething!  After lots of trial and error of different types of teethers Hannah loves and recommends these! 

      The "Kit" Collection is a line inspired by my mother!  It includes all of our 'Mommy & Me' and 'Grandma & Me' pieces!  As a mother myself now my mom and I have grown ever closer and she is one of the most important people in my daughter's lives as well as mine!

      The "Jamie" Collection is a line inspired by my sister Jamie!  She has a classic style and always goes for a classy chic look!  So of course I styled my long pendant necklaces in mind for her!  These will match any look!

      The "Kelly" Collection is my new line of 'Anxiety Bracelets'!  These have been nearly impossible to keep in stock, they are SUPER popular!!  Kelly, my youngest sister, loves nature and is an avid user of her special blends of essential oils!  She introduced me and inspired me to make something wearable that would carry the oils so that I can be reminded to de-stress throughout the day!  

         The "Amanda" Collection is a line inspired by my good friend!  She is one of my biggest fans and best customers!  I am always creating proto-types for new jewelry styles and she is my unofficial stylist and chose this collection that I almost dismissed and has grown in popularity!  Amanda knows good style when she sees it! 

       The "Donna Rae" Collection is a line inspired by my mother in law!  She is not a big jewelry wearer but loves a fun pair of earrings!  So she in turn inspired my large array of earring options, from Swarovski Crystal studs, Mermaid studs, to large elegant dangly earrings! 

        The "Laura" Collection is a line inspired by my Aunt!  She is the unofficial fashionista in our family and she loves her jewelry and clothes!  She has the look to pull off layering perfectly!  So naturally I designed my short layered necklaces after her!

         The "Bella" Collection is a line inspired by my adorable niece!  She loves to do her nails, have fun, and wear my jewelry!  So I knew I had to design a fun line around her and that is where my Ring collection came from!