On Being 35

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       Okay, so it happened I have officially hit my mid 30s!  It’s today! Yikes!  Ok breathe. (That was me talking to me, yes!) Ha! At 35 you still talk to yourself FYI. So, I have always hated my birthday since I left my 20’s I felt like I didn’t want to be reminded of the fact that I am aging and it seems to be happening quicker and quicker each year. But this year feels different! 

        This past year I feel like I LIVED every second, I made big strives in my business and hit personal goals.  I still have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goals and dreams but I feel like I EARNED this year so I was proud of it!  And on my birthday I am claiming 35 as my year!! I’m no longer claiming years, like “2020” haha!! (As we all eye roll and laugh) I’m now proclaiming MY YEARS!!

          Although 2020 has turned into a total shit show and no one is arguing with that… For me it has been transformative!  I have had more time (in retrospect) to concentrate on myself and to realize what I want out of life!  I’m tired of having regrets and saying “I should’ve….” And “I wish I….” I proclaim to take those phrases out of my vocabulary as I transform into the girl who can proudly say “I did…” and “I’m glad I…”! 

         It is one thing to dream and imagine what we “would” do in another life or tell ourselves that it is out of reach.  It’s another thing to just GO FOR IT!! To refuse to let life pass us by and just DO the things we talk about doing instead of just talking about it!  You are just as worthy to go for every opportunity as anyone else!! Don’t count yourself out with your negative self-talk.  Embrace every opportunity!!  This is where I’m at, I’m refusing to let opportunities pass me by anymore!  Life isn’t promised to any of us.  We never know how long we get!  I personally am going to vow to make every single year count!



What is something that you’ve always talked about but never did?

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