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      So, if you were to ask me my daily essentials for makeup other than foundation, mine would be Mascara!  I feel like some volume and length in my lashes opens up your face and draws attention to your eyes!  I love that!  But we all know—every mascara is not the same!  So, I went ahead and did some product research for you, so you can cut out some of the brands that are not going to give you the results that you are looking for.

      I’ve found that some women want length and volume out of their mascara, some women like a mascara that will grow their lashes, some women like to make sure that their lashes are separated and some are just worried about ease.  Me personally, I like huge volume but also separation!  A little bit of everything! Ha!  Don’t we all though?

      So, I have deducted that magnetic lashes are easy, but a thick line of Magnetic liner is necessary for them to work properly.  If you want lashes but not thick liner these may not be the ones for you.  In my experience, they do not last well if it is hot enough to be sweating.  I wore them for a photo shoot in 95 degree weather outside and one of them were falling off during my shoot.  I have sampled a few brands and I don’t tend to find one particular brand better than another, however the weight of the lashes varied from brand to brand.  I do not like a heavy lash because it gave me migraines.  This may be shocking to some of you, but I do not recommend magnetic lashes with crystal embellishments simply because the weight is too heavy on the eye!  (However, if you are looking to bling your lashes, I do recommend glitter mascara because its lightweight and gives the same sparkle effect!) 

(Tori Belle Cosmetics)


      On a great basic mascara that will grow your lashes over time as well as the best one I have found for separating your lashes I would recommend my own LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Mascara.  In my honest review this one is not my favorite for lengthening and volume.  Although, if you aren’t looking for a bold look and you want your lashes separated beautifully and this will grow your lashes longer over time, then I would highly recommend this one!


       If you are looking for a volume builder that will give you a dramatic eye look with less coats needed I am tried and love ScandalEyes by Rimmel!  With just one coat you get dramatic volume and length.  However, it was not my favorite for separating my lashes.

(Bought at local CVS)

       All in all my personal lash routine after all this research, is to curl my lashes then to apply Limelife by Alcone Perfect Mascara to get that great lash separation that we all love, then I would apply one thin coat of ScandalEyes by Rimmel to give me some of that dramatic volume and length that I love!  This to me, is totally worth it since it dramatically changes the look of my eyes! 


Tell us below what your favorite or least favorite lashes/mascaras are!

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