Let’s talk BOLD statements!!

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My FAVORITE Bold statements would always be a bold lip and big bold earrings!! I love a pair of bold earrings they make me feel fancy even when I’m sporting a lazy mom bun!  And a bold lip just makes you look put together and happy to stand out!!


Check out my favorite look below:



LimeLife by Alcone has some quality lipsticks plus I love their color options!! I have some nudes, pinks, and bolds to accommodate all of my moods! Ha! They have a line of Perfect Lipsticks that have a very moisturizing lipstick which is my favorite type!! Also on the days I want a matte look they have their Enduring Lip Color which truly lasts all day!  And my other fav that I use over Perfect lipstick or by itself is their Perfect Lip Gloss!  Check out my favs!!



Tell me which is your fav color! __________________


Pro Tip: Keep your lipsticks, jewelry and fun things away from children! 

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