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Hey girl!  My name is Crystal Teal, and yes I am as awesome as my name is!  – Also yes this blog will be filled with sarcasm and mild humor!  Sorry not sorry if that offends you!
I am a woman on a mission to transform your life and your closet with a combination of self care, decluttering and defining your style.
Women have a tendency to lose themselves in their roles.  Motherhood, marriage, and life in general try to take over your identity.  In your 20s life is about having fun, finding yourself and figuring it all out.  Women in their 30’s get to choose who they are, what they will put up with and how they define themselves.  I’m here to help you do that.
Sit back, grab a glass of wine, coffee or a margarita and let’s do this!!
The Fashion Coach is now in session! 

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  • Oh, Crystal….I missed your Saturday night video, Kit text me about it but I didn’t see it until today. Your husband is funny! I missed out on the purple gem bracelet like the blue one I so wanted, I have not seen the purple stone bracelet on your shopping site, do you have any more? I so want that bracelet!!! Thanks, Donna B💕

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